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Barrister at advocacy training
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Online talks with Q&A

IAA's trainers explain the principles and techniques of cross-examination in online or hybrid talks and Q&A sessions

Case analysis workshops

In workshop groups of up to thirty, online, hybrid or in person, IAA trainers help arbitration advocates develop the case theory which will underpin their cross-examination in a mock arbitration scenario

Cross-examination practice

In a group of up to six trainees, each trainee examines a witness for five minutes in a mock arbitration scenario, executing the case theory developed in the case analysis workshop

Live review of cross-examination

The trainer reviews each performance with the group as follows:


​1.  Training Point

​The trainer identifies an aspect of the performance in need of improvement 


2. Playback

The trainer reads back the part of the student’s performance that gave rise to the Training Point.


3. Reason

The trainer explains why this is an area that requires improvement.


4. Remedy

The trainer gives concise, practical guidance on how to improve this isolated aspect of the performance.


5. Demonstration

The trainer demonstrates to the group, applying the remedy to the facts of the mock arbitration.


6. Replay

The student repeats the performance, applying the remedy and focusing on the Training Point identified.

Video analysis

At the end of the live review, the trainer conducts private analyses of each individual’s video recording and provides tailored feedback to the trainee.

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