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Arbitration advocacy training from barristers

What we do

IAA provides first class cross-examination training to civil-code arbitration advocates around the world.


Our bespoke courses, delivered by experienced barristers, fill a particular gap in the skills of otherwise accomplished arbitration advocates who do not approach international arbitration with the benefit of a domestic tradition of cross-examination.

How we do it

It works like this. Arbitral institutions and associations with whom we work, offer cross-examination courses to their members; IAA supplies the cross-examination training on their behalf. It’s as simple as that.

Why we do it

Specialist advocacy training is a central part of a barrister’s professional education and continuing development. For generations, senior barristers have passed down their knowledge and expertise as common law advocates to pupil and junior barristers through the Inns of Court: Middle Temple, Inner Temple, Gray’s Inn and Lincoln’s Inn.


With the proliferation of international arbitration in recent decades, the demand for the skill of cross-examination has seen significant growth in civil law jurisdictions.


Historically, arbitral institutions in civil law jurisdictions have not always had direct access to the specialist advocacy training developed in the Inns of Court.


In 2012, Richard Samuel and Derek Wood CBE KC founded the International Advocacy Academy (IAA) to make the English Bar’s specialist common-law training accessible to civil-code arbitration advocates.

Our difference

 IAA’s training draws upon the common law method to provide civil law practitioners with access to the same training as their common law opponents in arbitral proceedings. Our engaging course materials, based on real cases, create the ideal learning environment.

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