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First class advocacy training worldwide

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The International Advocacy Academy is a market leader in advocacy training for Arbitral Institutions,legal practitioners and advocates around the world. Founded and run by barristers experienced inarbitration, IAA employs proven techniques developed from the common law advocacy training traditionto enhance advocacy skills, improve understanding in arbitral proceedings and refine performance inarbitration.


As demand for arbitration grows, so too does the need for skilled advocates who have an in-depthknowledge of arbitral rules and who are able to present their clients’ cases effectively in cross-borderdisputes. In response to this demand and in order to provide additional value to their members, ArbitralInstitutions rely upon IAA to supply the trainers, materials and bespoke training that the Institution couldnot otherwise provide.


IAA’s short and intensive courses are delivered exclusively by accomplished barristers with first-handexperience of arbitration and common law advocacy training. Through an international network oftrainers, arbitrators, industry experts and corporate partnerships, IAA is able to provide training andunique networking opportunities on behalf of Arbitral Institutions and other public bodies worldwide.

A centre of excellence

Created by barristers for advocates, arbitrators and experts to imporce their performance in international arbitral hearings

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