Expert Witness Training

Cases are won and lost on evidence given during expert testimony. IAA’s courses for expert witnesses are provided by trainers who will prepare you for upcoming arbitration proceedings and other tribunals. Our courses provide a unique opportunity for expert witnesses to gain insight into how to: best work with legal representation to produce a high-quality report; manage the dynamics of a relationship with an advocate; proficiently navigate a cross-examination; and thoroughly defend your report.


Expert witnesses are led by an IAA trainer in seminars covering all aspects of the giving of evidence by an expert witness. The format includes lectures, case analysis, mock trials and examination of expert reports. A typical course lasts 3 days and is structured as follows:

Day 1

The Role and Procedural Context of Expert Evidence
Case Analysis and Preparation: Identifying the Job and Justifying the Expense of Expert Evidence
Applications for Permission to Rely on Expert Evidence
Examination-in-Chief with a Witness of Fact

Day 2

First Conference with Expert on Draft Report (Scenario with “Poor” or Limited Instructions)
Second Conference on Re-Drafted Report (Scenario with “Good” or Comprehensive Instructions)
Cross-Examination of a Witness of Fact

Day 3

Conference with Expert after Exchange of Reports
Discussion of Approaches to Examination of Experts
Examination-in-Chief and Cross-Examination of Experts on Exchanged Reports
Closing Remarks and Review of Expert Evidence


Expert witnesses who complete our training obtain a unique and valuable insight into the giving of expert evidence. By understanding the procedural elements as well as being able to manage interpersonal dynamics and limited instructions from counsel, trainees become more confident, capable and reliable witnesses.

Advocacy training

  • Cross examination
  • Direct and re-examination
  • Opening and closing submissions
  • Effective handling of expert witnesses

Arbitrator training

  • How to ‘police’ cross examination
  • Handling advocates from different jurisdictions
  • How to get the best from co-arbitrators
  • Ensuring an enforceable award

Expert witness training

  • Working with advocates to produce your best report
  • Knowing when and how to say no to advocates
  • Helping advocates cross examine opposing experts
  • Withstanding cross examination on your own report

Factual witness training

  • What to expect if you are a witness
  • How to prepare to give evidence
  • How to give evidence effectively