Witness of Fact Training

The facts of a case form the foundation of its claim or defence and advocates work carefully to establish the facts their cases need. IAA’s courses are designed to educate witnesses of fact on what to expect from an upcoming hearing, how to prepare to give evidence, how to give evidence effectively, and how to withstand cross-examination.

Our Witnesses of Fact training programme is led by one of IAA’s trainers in a small-group seminar format. They include lectures, skill-set analysis, workshops and mock trials. Typical courses last one day and are structured as follows:


Witnesses and the Purpose of Oral Evidence
Problems for Advocates when Using Witnesses
The Skills Required to be an Effective Witness


Workshop: Answering Questions Concisely
Understanding Advocates and Advocacy
Cross-Examination: Purpose and Styles
Workshop: Cross-Examination


By the end of the course, witnesses of fact will have a more thorough appreciation of the giving of factual evidence in court. This understanding results in a more prepared witness who is able to provide more confident and reliable answers in a tribunal.


Advocacy training

  • Cross examination
  • Direct and re-examination
  • Opening and closing submissions
  • Effective handling of expert witnesses

Arbitrator training

  • How to ‘police’ cross examination
  • Handling advocates from different jurisdictions
  • How to get the best from co-arbitrators
  • Ensuring an enforceable award

Expert witness training

  • Working with advocates to produce your best report
  • Knowing when and how to say no to advocates
  • Helping advocates cross examine opposing experts
  • Withstanding cross examination on your own report

Factual witness training

  • What to expect if you are a witness
  • How to prepare to give evidence
  • How to give evidence effectively