Partnering with hosts

IAA trains arbitration advocates around the world through local and international arbitral institutions which partner with IAA to host cross-examination courses.

It works like this. Host institutions offer cross-examination courses to their members. IAA supplies the cross-examination training on the host’s behalf. It’s as simple as that.

In-person training

Hosts can offer in-person cross-examination courses to their members. The host organises the training room and support staff locally; IAA flies trainers to train the host’s members.

IAA has partnered with the following hosts for in person courses since 2012: AIJA (the International Association of Young Lawyers), DIS (the German Arbitration Institute), CAM (the Milan Chamber of Commerce), CIArb (the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators – in London, Malaysia and Dubai), the Estonian Bar Association, Associació pel foment de l’Arbitrage (Barcelona).

In addition IAA has supplied trainers or training materials to ABA SIL (the American Bar Association Section of International Law), HKIAC (the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre), Bocconi University in Milan, Viadrina University in Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany, ICCA (the Inns of Court College of Advocacy in London), ICC YAF (International Chamber of Commerce Young Arbitrator’s Forum), the Venice Chamber of Commerce, Italy.

Online training

As a result of the pandemic, hosts can now offer online cross-examination training to their members. All the host need do is advertise the course to its members. IAA does everything else.