IAA’s courses are short, intensive and immersive. They provide high quality training and deliver measurable improvements to an individual’s technique in both advocacy and the giving of evidence.

The only way to become a better advocate is through practice and review. Our specially designed mock hearings create the ideal environment for trainees to practise and develop their advocacy skills. Systematic review is key to our process and individual video recordings allow trainees to examine, review and improve their performance together with our experienced trainers.

IAA holds one-day short courses which consist of workshops on case preparation, cross-examination and role plays for trainees to practise examination of witnesses. To bring an unmatched level of realism to our advanced three-day courses, we use forensic accountants, provided by our sponsors, as expert witnesses.

We also provide training for Expert Witnesses and Witnesses of Fact to prepare them for the giving of evidence in arbitration and other tribunals

Advocacy training

  • Cross examination
  • Direct and re-examination
  • Opening and closing submissions
  • Effective handling of expert witnesses

Arbitrator training

  • How to ‘police’ cross examination
  • Handling advocates from different jurisdictions
  • How to get the best from co-arbitrators
  • Ensuring an enforceable award

Expert witness training

  • Working with advocates to produce your best report
  • Knowing when and how to say no to advocates
  • Helping advocates cross examine opposing experts
  • Withstanding cross examination on your own report

Factual witness training

  • What to expect if you are a witness
  • How to prepare to give evidence
  • How to give evidence effectively
  • How to withstand cross-examination