IAA Group

IAA Group LogoInternational Advocacy Academy is part of Advocacy International: a group of companies which trade on a for-profit and not-for profit basis providing forensic advocacy training all around the world.


IAA-Logo.pngInternational Advocacy Academy is the non-profit trading arm of the group. It donates any surplus revenue to other non-profit organisations which promote advocacy training including the IAA Foundation.

International Advocacy FoundationInternational Advocacy Foundation is the non-profit organisation within the group to which the Academy donates its surplus. The Foundation grants scholarships directly to trainees and makes donations to non-profit organisations outside the group, such as the Inns of Court in London, which promote forensic advocacy training.

For Profit

International Advocacy ConsultingInternational Advocacy Consulting is the for-profit arm of the group. When it trades around the world it creates opportunities for the Academy to offer subsidised training at the same location.